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What Do You Mean You Haven't Played Guild Wars? -

What Do You Mean You Haven’t Played Guild Wars?
Elly Giudice

Guild Wars is a shiny, sparkly MMO with three expansion packs, and a sequel coming out sometime this year. There’s no monthly fee, and it’s on par with or better than most MMOs out there. Yet, for some reason, it’s not nearly as widely played as many others.

The Prelude

MMOs have been popular for almost 20 years at this point. As a card-carrying gamer girl, I grew up playing Asheron’s Call (or as we referred to it in my house, ‘Asheron’s Crack’) grinding for materials, following quests, and as I got older, occasionally waxing some polygonal ass, with AC being the first I’ve seen to allow in-game marriages.

Then it was World of Warcraft, just as polygonal, and basically (sorry, but it’s true!) the same gaming format with a few different classes / spells. Okay guys: we get it, MMOs are, at the core of things pretty much all the same. I eventually got bored and abandoned both games, not wanting to pay a monthly fee for something I only toyed with from time to time now that work and school got in the way of hours-long raids and quests.

The Review

A new challenger appears! Guild Wars came out, and while many gamers brushed it aside, I latched on like a newborn. Yes, it’s an MMO, yes there are quests and grinding for materials etc., but what Guild Wars initially had over these other games were two huge points in its favor.

First, it’s so pretty! When I say that, I mean the graphics rock. No more pointy polygons for this gal! Only smooth mesh skins and flowing character costumes.

This game is really a treat to look at while you play it, and the artists really took their time with a lot of little aspects of the game. I always notice little nuances here and there when I play. It’s a jarring difference from, say, WoW, which by comparison looks like it was rendered by someone in high school.

The second point – You only pay for it once! No ongoing subscription, so if I drop the game for six months and come back to it, as I am wont to do, I haven’t paid for 6 months of dust collection! If you want more game, there are expansion packs, and now, Guild Wars 2 is out as well. For only having to pay for the game once, you get a good selection of professions and skills for each, as well as the ability to pick up a second profession once you’ve leveled up a bit.

Why You Should Play It

So if you’re looking for a new game to try, why not pick up Guild Wars? If you’re a fan of MMO’s, you’ll enjoy the game play and lush graphics, and your wallet will appreciate the lack of a monthly fee.

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